Cycle to Glasto!

Welcome to the Cycle to Glastonbury Festival website


The Glastonbury Festival are keen for festival-goers to arrive in as green as way as possible to the site and have arranged a secure compound for you to leave your bike while you get on and enjoy the festival. There is also a private campsite for cyclists only to enjoy, with wood-fired showers available in the mornings, Wednesday to Sunday.

Don’t forget to sign up to our Facebook group Bike to Glasto for all of the latest news, information and chats with other riders.

How does it work?

You can just cycle to the festival for free or, for a small fee, we will arrange collection of your luggage from some Somerset towns, transport it to the festival site, and then deliver it back to you afterwards.

Then what?

You cycle to the site, we take your details if you haven’t already registered; you collect wrist bands for you and your bike; you leave your bike in the secure compound; collect your bags, walk to the site, pitch your tent and enjoy! You are welcome to come and go as much as you like during the festival.