What do I need to know?

When can I arrive?

You can arrive any time after the site opens on Wednesday 21st June at 8am.

This year, the west bike park is close to the Bronze gate and will signposted ‘taxi rank’. This will also be where the luggage drop off and collection point will be. The campsite is also closer to this bike park.

The east bike park is close to purple car park 4. Unfortunately, there will be no facilities there for luggage.

To see a copy of the festival site map with the bike parks marked, please click here.

How much does it cost to park my bike?

Nothing, it is free to leave your bike in the compound. It only costs to have your luggage transported to site, if you would like that service please follow the links.

Is there a camping area close by?

Yes, there is a dedicated camping field for cyclists, however, you are welcome to meet up with other friends in other camping fields if you prefer. Please note that the cycling camping field is only for those who have arrived by bike.

The camping field is approximately 1 mile from the west bike park. We do have own own toilets, showers and security.

Is my bike secure?

Your bike will be in a dedicated compound that is manned 24 hours a day. Access is only granted to those with a bike or bike wrist band. Both you and your bike will be given numbered wrist bands. The lock up is staffed 24-hours a day until 1pm on Monday 26th June. All bikes have to be collected by then.

What happens when I arrive?

When you arrive and register you will be given a wrist band, which will grant you access to the bike storage area and campsite. You will be shown where to put your bike and how to rack it.

If you have an electric bike you will need to bring your own charger – please mark it with your contact details. We are hoping to be able to charge bikes, but cannot guarantee it.

Is there a luggage collection service?

Yes, there are local drop-off points in Somerset and one in Kensington, London. Please follow this link for more details.

Or, can you collect my bags from home and deliver them to the site?

This year we are trialling a new service – please follow this link for more details.

What happens at the end of Festival?

You need to drop off your bags at the bike lock up by Bronze gate by 10am on Monday 26th June, with your return label securely attached. The local drop off service will deliver the bags back to where you dropped them off on Monday 26th June and they will need to be claimed by the end of Tuesday 27th June.

Please note that we cannot provide additional or lost labels at the site.

Once you have dropped off your bags you are free to collect your bike and have a safe ride home. All bikes have to be collected by 1pm on Monday 26th June.

Is there anything else that I need to know?

We recommend that you do not lock your bike. It is in a secure compound and should we need to move your bike we will do so. It also means that should you mislay your padlock keys we won’t need to get the angle grinder out. You have been warned.

We strongly recommend that you join our Facebook Group Bike to Glasto for all of the latest information and updates. You can also get answers to any questions you might have there too and meet other riders from your area.

Please note that should you choose to use our luggage service, you must use one of the options offered by us and no other courier companies delivering to the festival site will be accepted.

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