Terms of Use

If you have booked lock-up, camp or luggage space you are agreeing to the following terms of BikeToGlasto use:

  1. Only those who actually check-in a bike at the lock-up during the festival (pre-booked or unreserved) have their details passed on to See Tickets for any potential future early ticket offer. There is no guarantee in future years there will be any early ticket offer. Any early ticket offer may not be available to all cyclists but possibly operated on a lottery basis. BikeToGlasto has no influence over any early ticket offer or who gets offered tickets. Obtaining tickets under an early offer in no way guarantees use of BikeToGlasto services the following year (please see point 9.
  2. Only those who check in a bike during the festival receive a lock-up wristband. This lock-up wristband proves to camp stewards you have actually cycled to the festival. Camp stewards have a list of who has paid for camping but if you arrive at camp without a lock-up wristband you have not cycled to the festival and therefore are not allowed access to the cyclist campsite. No lock-up wristband = no camp wristband. No exceptions.
  3. Anyone collecting luggage without dropping off a bike at the lock-up will be refused return luggage transportation. No exceptions. You will also have to 100% prove, without doubt, that the luggage you are trying to collect is yours. We may keep your luggage until all other cyclists have collected theirs to prove it is not anyone else's. Luggage delivery is for use by those cycling to the festival only.
  4. It is the responsibility of the cyclist to ensure their luggage is dropped off at the correct location by the correct deadline, with no more than the max weight or number of items. Please see our Luggage page for further details of what is and what is not acceptable. If you are late, bring too many items or are over the weight limit BikeToGlasto will not be able to transport your luggage.
  5. Please do not contact luggage drop-off locations with questions, they do not get paid for being a drop-off and we rely on their goodwill to continue with this service, they are running their day to day business before, during and after the festival and need to continue to do so.
  6. There will be no refund if you have booked our services and not cycled to the festival i.e. you are refused access to the camp under point 2 or return luggage under point 3. There will be no refund if we are unable to transport your luggage due to the reasons within point 4.
  7. Anyone found to be abusing the BikeToGlasto service will be barred from booking in future years. If you are found to have booked in the future despite being barred we will cancel your booking and donate your fee to Team Tor 2000. No exceptions.
  8. All services are subject to demand, resources and availability. Services may be moved or cancelled by BikeToGlasto, if this is the case (for a paid service) we will advise affected customers by email with as much notice as possible.
  9. Return and new customers are treated the same by BikeToGlasto's booking system, all bookings and availability are therefore on a first-come first-served basis. We only have so much space and demand is higher than availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  10. We are a volunteer-run service for cyclists and will continue to do all we can for those genuinely using our services.

    For the latest general news and updates you should join our Facebook group: BikeToGlasto and/or follow us on Twitter: @biketoglasto.

    If you have booked our services under a misconception please email biketoglasto@gmail.com so we can remove your booking and free up further space for genuine cyclists.